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ProSiebenSat.1 Group

Online Annual Report 2012

Driving the Digital Future


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driving the digital future

Television has changed the world. And its best times lie ahead: Television, as ProSiebenSat.1 understands it, is the engine of a brand new ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE. No other medium benefits so much from the digital revolution — and helps to shape it.

Internet platforms, online games, social media, video portals, apps: They can all make strong TV brands even stronger — and become even more successful with them. ProSiebenSat.1 was particularly early to recognize this interplay. We use its potential consistently and regularly set new standards with our innovations.



Important key figures
at a glance

from continuing operations


2012   2,356.2
2011   2,199.2

Recurring EBITDA
from continuing operations


2012   744.8
2011   725.5

from continuing operations

In percent, 2011 figures in parantheses

from continuing operations

In percent, 2011 figures in parantheses


Key figures of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group for the 2012 financial year

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including discontinued operations
continuing operations
EUR m 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011
1Total costs excl. D&A and non-recurring expenses. 2EBITDA before non-recurring (exceptional) items. 3Non-recurring expenses netted against non-recurring income. 4Consolidated profit for the period, before the effects of purchase price allocation and non-cash currency valuation effects as well as expenses incurred for the antitrust proceedings in 2012.
Explanation of reporting principles in the fourth quarter or the 2012 financial year: The figures for 2012 relate to the key figures from continuing operations reported in line with IFRS 5, i.e. not taking into account the sold or held-for-sale activities in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. For the income statement and the cash flow statement, the figures for 2011 were also adjusted for the figures of the activities in Belgium and the Netherlands disposed of in 2011. For the 2010 financial year, the income statement and the cash flow statement were adjusted only for the figures of the activities disposed
of in the 2011 financial year. In the 2011 financial year, the Belgian TV activities and the Dutch TV and Print activities were deconsolidated with the completion of the contracts for the sale of the participations in June and July 2011. This means the income statement items of these companies are separately reported as the result of discontinued operations. For 2011, this result from discontinued operations shows net profit and the profit of deconsolidation after taxes.
Due to rounding, it is possible that individual figures in these Group financial statements do not add exactly to the totals shown and that the percentage figures given do not reflect exactly the absolute figures they relate to. Change rates are based on a business perspective. Improvements are shown with a plus (+), deterioration with a minus (–).
Revenues 2,969.1 2,975.2 612.9 776.0 2,356.2 2,199.2
Operating costs1 2,111.0 2,083.6 486.4 600.8 1,624.6 1,482.9
Total costs 2,389.3 2,339.6 620.5 711.7 1,768.8 1,628.0
Cost of sales 1,607.3 1,641.5 340.9 456.1 1,266.4 1,185.4
Selling expenses 354.3 364.0 124.4 155.9 229.9 208.1
Administrative expenses 316.0 305.3 72.1 93.2 243.9 212.1
Other operating expenses 111.7 28.8 83.1 6.5 28.6 22.4
EBIT 593.7 990.9 -7.2 410.4 600.9 580.5
Recurring EBITDA2 871.7 901.1 126.9 175.7 744.8 725.5
Non-recurring items3 -78.3 238.2 -13.9 311.2 -64.4 -73.0
EBITDA 793.4 1,139.3 113.0 486.8 680.4 652.5
Consolidated net profit attributable to shareholders of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG 295.0 637.5 -29.7 373.3 324.7 264.2
Underlying net income4 415.1 685.3 59.6 412.9 355.5 272.4